The idea of Workbay was conceived by people just like you – people who wanted to create something more than just an affordable workspace. Our co-founders used to meet regularly at a coffee shop in Bandra. All their meetings with people, right  from Andheri to Worli, were held there. While they did not mind paying for the endless cups of coffee they consumed, the perpetual din started getting to them. It was difficult to concentrate when a bunch of boisterous college kids were excitedly discussing Real Madrid’s merits vis a vis Valencia at the next table!

As fate would have it, the coffee shop shut down in a few months, leaving our team shocked and disappointed. However, this is where the germ of a brilliant idea took form. They realized that there was a need for workspaces for entrepreneurs like them, who did not want to set up a full-fledged office initially. Our co-founders decided to invest in a beautiful, premium place in which independent professionals would not only work next to one another, but also network, collaborate and create a better reality from each other’s dreams! And that boys and girls, is how Workbay was born.

Workbay is a community of engaged and diverse professionals… living, breathing people with minds ticking with ideas and solutions aimed at the next evolutionary step in innovation. Workbay isn’t just a space. It is an idea whose time has come!

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