A blend of an office, a café and a home!

Why Workbay?

Workbay is a collaborative work-space where we provide you all the tools to help you craft your professional destiny. At Workbay we believe, YOU deserve more than just the bare minimum basics and endeavor to provide you:
– A stress-free and comfortable environment 
– A work-space that encourages you to become the best version of       yourself
– A collaborative platform that helps you meet like-minded fellow professionals and build an ecosystem conducive to an exchange of creative energies and innovative ideas.

Workbay Community

At Workbay, we have a lovely and growing community of engaged and diverse professionals. Living, breathing people with minds ticking with ideas and solutions aimed at the next evolutionary step in innovation. 


We offer a wide array of facilities which include high-speed Wi-fi, access to the printer/scanner & the meeting room, and hot beverages as a part of our package. Further great add ons for you are office staff  to support you through business hours, courier-pickup & drop facility on request, ‘clean & spacious’ bathrooms.

Spaced out seating

Filter coffee/Tea

Meeting Room

Office Assistant



High speed Wifi

Courier Services

Outdoor seating

Start ups

Candid Monday Conversations

Introducing Workbay’s brand new short format video series,
Candid Monday Conversations. ( #WorkbayCMC). These series will showcase the great work of our esteemed members and a chance for us to tell the world we are so proud of them!

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